Tamarind Charcoal

Tamarind charcoal is made from tamarind wood and its raw material is tamarind wood, which is widely spread on the island of Java. Many are used for burning cooking needs in general or other needs. Our production of tamarind charcoal is done with the help of local farmers. The charcoal collected from farmers is processed and made to export quality in our factory. Tamarind charcoal is the best quality hardwood charcoal from Indonesia.

• Carbon content 60 – 65% Moisture 6% max
• Heating Value 6500 kcal
• Burning time 3-4 hours
• Ash max 3%
• Size: natural, < 5cm gravel / granular, 5cm – 25cm for BBQ
• Smokeless, splashless, odorless

Packaging :
• Screen printing sacks weighing  10kg, 20kg,etc . bags and custom printing by request

FOB export loading port Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya
20 feet maximum 10MT
40 feet HC maximum 20MT

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