Sawdust Charcoal

Sawdust charcoal is made from 100% pieces of hard wood that are crushed and processed naturally without a mixture of other ingredients, then molded into a hexagonal shape and burned until they become charcoal.

Sawdust charcoal is made of sawdust which has given the product an additional added value since sawdust is usually considered as a waste. Making the charcoal from sawdust is environmentally friendly and it is considered as a good fuel source.

Charcoal briquettes from hardwood sawdust which have a calorific value above 7000 kcal/kg and high hardness are superior charcoal for various purposes.

• Humidity: max 8%
• Ash: 3% max
• Calories: min 7000 KCal/kg
• Shape: Hexagonal, Square
• Values: ABC, CD, E
• Size: Diameter 5cm, Length 5cm – 25cm
• Burning time: 3 – 8 hours
• No smoke, no splash, no smell

Packaging :
• Box weighing 10 kg, custom printing by request

FOB export loading port Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya
20 feet maximum 16MT
40 feet HC maximum 26MT

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