Halaban Charcoal

Comes from unique Indonesian Woods, which is Halaban Woods.  Halaban Woods is one type of wood that has straight fibers, big, strong, hard and sturdy, fit perfectly if used as wood charcoal. This type of charcoal is very versatile, you can use Halaban Charcoal for cooking, for industrial use, and also as BBQ charcoal.

Tamarind Charcoal

Tamarind charcoal is made from Tamarind fruitwood and the raw material is made from legal wood. Our production of tamarind charcoal is done with the help of local farmers. Tamarind charcoal is the best quality hardwood charcoal from Indonesia.

Coffee Charcoal

 Our all natural lump coffee wood charcoal is a sustainable product produced from the cut and discarded trees of replanted coffee orchards. It burns hot, clean and has a wonderful flavor profile. Hand selected and packed ensures you only get choice perfectly carbonized medium to medium-large pieces.

Sawdust Charcoal

 Made from 100% pieces of hard wood that are crushed and processed naturally without a mixture of other ingredients, then molded into a hexagonal shape and burned until they become charcoal

Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut Shell Charcoal is created by burning the coconut shells of limited air supply and it get carbonizations. After the coconut shell gets heated it reduced 70% of its weight. Coconut Shell charcoal produced by using two methods called drum method and pit method

Hexagonal Charcoal for BBQ

Briquettes are solid blocks of coal dust or other combustible biomass materials such as charcoal, sawdust, wood chips, peat, or paper used for fuel and firewood to start fires. Unlike other wood charcoal which is pure wood.

Supplier and Exporter with Integrity, Commitment and Quality

We strive to always maintain the quality of our charcoal , in addition, we are fully committed to quality control and management of human resources.


Integrity means holding words, understanding each other, being honest, and respecting others, Integrity brings us here and your trust is our greatest asset. We will not compromise


Commitment is important , we continue to strive to maintain good relations with clients, this is special for our clients because we will always give fully from our company.


Quality is the main thing that we always maintain and develop, by continuing to maintain operational standards within the company, as well as providing training for our human resources, we believe we can continue to improve quality to meet client expectations.

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