SAB’s vision is to become a company charcoal first choice
consumers (buyers), and become best place for people local to work forcommon welfare.


  • Producing quality products according to with consumer demand (buyer)
  • Applying production standards and the best work environment in the industry.
  • Build trust in consumers (buyers) and employees with build positive two-way communication
  • Build a team spirit, good with consumers (buyers and with customers) employee

SAB Charcoal

We started our business under the name Narita Utama ( NU) , more than 20 years ago we started a business engaged in the copra trade. In the first 5 years of our efforts with copra farmers, we processed the shells into coconut shell charcoal. Where in the final results of processed charcoal-shells we trade for the needs of activated carbon factories, all of which we export to China and Korea.

At that time, we also made activated carbon processing for local consumption and we traded it for supply to several waste purification factories and refill drinking water in general.

The next 5 years, our business was engaged in the Processing of Hexagonal Charcoal, where all of the results of our operations at that time were first exported to Lebanon and then to Egypt.

In the third 5 years, we are engaged in trading sawdust charcoal which we initially exported to Turkey. At the same time, we also traded wood charcoal from the processing of our family’s stoves, both on the island of Kalimantan and on the island of Java. And until now we have exported the results of our hard work to several ports of destination countries in the Middle East including the port of Aqaba (Jordan), the Port of Jeddah, the Port of Riyadh and the Port of Dammam (Saudi Arabia), the port of Sohar (Oman), the Port of Jebel Ali (UAE), Shuwaikh Port (Kuwait), Khalifa Bin Salman Port (Bahrain), Hamad Port and Doha Port (Qatar), and Bandar Abbas Port (Iran).

In the business that we are engaged in through SAB, we always prioritize the quality of our products in supplying these products to our buyers so far. We always put customer satisfaction first, and customer expectations are a must. we are a private company with a diverse customer base.

We Want To Cooperate With You Collaboration Begins Here

We believe in the philosophy and approach of social inclusion in creating sustainable and balanced growth. We believe that the progress of the company cannot happen without  a solid teamwork. We believe that we are guided by the spirit and caring attitude of our fellow partners to ensure good cooperation.

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